Dec 30, 2011

Drawing to music

STILL battling the most ultimate case of artist's block I've ever dealt with. I finished a long overdue commission yesterday after forcing myself to draw for 12 hours straight.
Sneak peek at the tshirt design I did for the band Ventana

So I've decided to do a little experiment. I have a lot of songs I've been listening to that hold some sort of significance to me. I'm going to do speed sketches to each song and see what comes up.

The first song on my list was Korn's Narcissistic Cannibal.

And here is the result of blasting it over and over and over

Other than NOT DRAWING, I've been pretty busy this last month.
My friend Ricky Tom Tom (as I so lovingly call him) of the band Mushroomhead came to town for a week to visit me! We went and looked at fishes in the aquarium, got freaked out at the Center for Puppetry Arts museum, saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (which I spent a good majority of hiding my face), and consumed whipped cream vodka like it was water.
Aaaand I went to a VNV Nation show which was mostly just an excuse to hang out with my BFFs

(L to R) Kellie! My dumb ass! Zmarr! Nicole! Ruby! Layna! Andy!

And then I dyed my hair half red BECAUSE I'M A REBEL

Dec 12, 2011


Have a warmup sketch I did. Derpaderpadoo

In this last month I have broken up with my fiance of 7 years, played a dominatrix in the Ben Stiller movie Neighborhood Watch, acted in several promotional videos for Circus Envy and the Days of the Dead convention, took a roadtrip to see a good friend's band play, and have yanked myself out of a 5 year funk. I'm pretty stoked.

Nov 29, 2011


Sorry I've been on a bit of a hiatus. My fiance of 7 years and I split up in early November and I've been going through the typical girl emotions of wallowing in sorrow and writing bad poetry. I actually attempted to draw today for the first time in weeks, have a little sample:

The funniest part of the breakup is that I've temporarily moved into my friend's house with my two cats and he has a cat of his own. The first day, the cats hissed and growled and poofed at each other. Day two, Osiris (my boy kitty) was still grumpy towards Smokey (my friend's kitty) AND his sister Kasumi (my girl kitty), Kasumi and Smokey started flirting. Day 3 they all started playing with each other, galloping around the house like crazy. By no means are they friends, but they've started terrorizing one another with flying pounces and monkey runs.

Nov 10, 2011

Mary Toft

Mary Toft was a curious woman who claimed to have given birth to rabbits

So the haunt season is over and I'm recovering slowly. My recovery is in vain, though, as our haunt is putting on a Christmas show this year. I'm being slave driven into creating concepts and whatnot. It's going to be hilarious.

Oct 26, 2011


I drew this in like 20 minutes SO I DO HAVE TIME TO DRAW, I DOOOOOOOOO

Oct 25, 2011

Harassing Cops

Still no art coming from this guy right here, thanks to my lack of any free time and/or privacy. But one of the benefits of working at a haunted house is that I can mess with with off duty cops hired to guard the place. So far the Lieutenant has allowed me to play with the siren and lights of his car, I've gotten to play with the siren and lights in an ambulance, I've booty danced on a few of them, and tonight I got to sit on a police motorcycle. YAY.

Channeling Harleen Quinzel...

Oct 19, 2011


We have an animatronic deer head for our Evil Dead room at 13 Acres of Hell and today I added latex and repainted it to look more like the one from the movie. It's still not 100% done, I need to add teeth and I want to add fur as well.

Here is the scene in case you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about

Aaaaaand here is me and Amanda running around all craycray like (I'm the blonde)

Oct 14, 2011

Busy Kate

Sorry I've been MIA these last few weeks. I've been working my ass off on 13 Acres of Hell haunted house in Conyers as one of the art directors. Today is our first day open, and while I feel as though I should be excited, I'm actually pretty depressed.
See...a few months ago when they first came up with the concept, a Silent Hill room was included mostly for me. Silent Hill has been one of my favorite video game series for about 10 years now, I even have a SH tattoo:
Over the last few months all sorts of awful things happened to the haunt, including a last minute move. I've been sitting in the office slaving away on the graphics design of everything.
While I was distracted, a fellow artist at the haunt came in and took over the Silent Hill room behind my back and pushed me out of it completely, making the costumes for her, her 10 year old daughter (playing a nurse mind you), and a family friend. She had only seen the movie, didn't understand anything about the world of Silent Hill, and ignored any and all advice I had to give. Not only that, rubbing it in my face that she had stolen my room.
So I'm devastated. I had to contact everyone and let them know it was no longer my work, it wasn't going to have a true fan pouring her heart and soul into it.
So I'll probably be absent for a few more weeks until the haunt is over. Ciao.

Oct 9, 2011


I busted my eardrum about 2 weeks ago at 4 am due to a nasty encounter with a Q-Tip. I spent most of the 1st week trying not to puke all over myself. This last week however, I've been out in Conyers, GA working on 13 Acres of Hell haunted house.
I haven't drawn shit. Except for this self portrait of me and my kittykins.


Sep 24, 2011

Halloween Booty

Man, I really struggled with getting over my art funk. It took getting intoxicated to bust out of it. And this is the result. HALLOWEEN BOOTY. Click it to see it full sized and not all squished and stupid looking.

Here are some detail shots of it, once again clicky for full size

So my birthday is next month. Anyone wanna commission me so I can buy myself some sweet birthday presents? Like Arkham City? AND I STILL DON'T HAVE THE NEW AMERICAN MCGEE'S ALICE, I NEED THAT TOO. I am yelling.

Sep 18, 2011

Grumpy Gunther

I was woken up this morning by my 13 year old brother-in-law calling both my phone and V's phone 10 times to tell us we left V's jacket at his house. It is cute now but half asleep Kate was NOT amused.
AND THEN in my attempts to fall back asleep (a rarity for me, once I'm up I am UP), V rolled over, took my pillow, and took up the entire bed. He may look like a pretty light dude but boy I tell you what when he is asleep he weighs 400 lbs and nothing can wake him up ever. So I got up and moved to the living room to lay on the couch and watch Jersey Shore (gots to watch my show yo).
AND THEN there were some horrible children in the hallway bouncing a ball that kept hitting my door and our neighbor's doors. Their father was in the hallway as well and he kept telling them to stop in the most droll and monotone voice ever. So I had to watch Snooki and Deena drunkenly fall over one another with the background noise of "thwack thwack thwack" that I probably could have taken care of if I wasn't so damn lazy.

I started to lay down the colors on this picture I'm doing right now but sometime within the past week I've forgotten how to color so I've restarted about a bajillion times.

Now if you excuse me I'm going to go clean my room and stare down my cat hatefully.

Sep 12, 2011

Kasumi is a Jerk

My cat Kasumi is an asshole (CORRECTION: VLIXX'S cat Kasumi, my cat is Osiris and he is awesome). She is this big ol' pile of lovey dovey fluff that is hellbent on destroying everything. I have mastered the fine art of ignoring the hell out of her, but she still manages to capture the hearts of everyone else in the world.

So I decided to illustrate a typical day in the life of Kate. Note: this all takes place within an hour.

(Click for Fullsize)

Sep 11, 2011


Woe is me, Blogger, for I have had Artist's Block up until maybe 3 hours ago. With the help of trusty 4chan's /S/, I managed to dredge up enough reference material of super smoking hot babes to pull me out of my rut. It is always awkward for me to be digging through nudie girly pictures for reference and have someone catch me at it. I have yet to have a single person believe that I stockpile these pictures for artistic purposes. OH WELL.
Here is a peek at the image that pulled me out of the rut. I'll let you in on a little secret, Blogger: I'm designing a calendar. This girl is going to be the October pinup.


The other day while trying to pull myself out of my art block I doodled 2 chicks I know. Well...I doodled their Dragoncon makeup actually.

On the right is Elyse and on the left is Brittney. They had some rad costuming going on at con. YUP.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go watch the season finale of True Blood that I already accidentally saw the spoilers for. THANKS ONTD. The last one I downloaded was a fake so I'm hoping this one works or I'm punching everything ever.

Sep 9, 2011

Vlixx Remixes Kerli

A few weeks back, Kerli announced a remix competition for her song Army of Love. We absolutely love Kerli so Vlixx decided to join in. Only...he waited until 5 hours before it was due to do it. And he was wearing my Rilakkuma Kigurimi as well for no damn reason.
We ended up submitting it two minutes before the deadline. So go have a listen and give it a vote!

Sep 8, 2011

Commission Work: AbbRezz

Finished commission work::

Drawing goth girls is fun. Sadly I don't get too many requests for that :(

Sep 7, 2011

Goth Girls and Donkey Shows

My days are becoming one big blur. I find myself addicted to caffeinated beverages and staying up until 5 am watching Married with Children and youtube videos of cats. Being unemployed is turning me into a loser with every passing minute.
The only thing keeping me afloat right now are my commissions. Here is the one I'm working on right now. I forgot how to draw dreadlocks for a minute and got really confused drawing them.

Recently it was Love A Ginger Day and to celebrate we went to my number 1 ginger loving friend Nicole's house. My friend Filip and I are closeted ginger kids and allowed our non ginger friends to catch a glimpse of what gingers truly do behind closed doors.

Afterwards we proceeded to kidnap the local Damsel in Distress (aka DiD) and tied her to the train tracks. And as your attorney I advise you to never ever tell anyone of what I just said.

I also finally got into Pottermore yesterday. My username is FelicisWolf5 so feel free to add me. I'm in Gryffindor, y'all.

Sep 6, 2011


Hey there! I guess I should do a quick introduction before I start a-postin' away. My name is Kate, also known as etaK. I am an illustrator, a fierce bootydancer, keyboardist for the band Helltrash, and best friend to cats everywhere. I'll be updating this blog with drawings, doodles, pictures, and basically anything else I want. BECAUSE I CAN.

So to start out, have a sneak peek at the Bayonetta I'm drawing for the Toon-Up art jam. I didn't realize how many itty bitty little details went into her damn costume :o

I just spent the past weekend at Dragoncon with some amazing company. I'll make a full post on my conventure in the next few days, I'm still recovering right now.
Check out what I wore on Sunday (with Loki, the bassist of Helltrash).

The leather we are both wearing is made by the lovely Angelica Syn of Synthflesh. I cannot sing the praises of her leatherwork enough, she is self taught and everything!

Well my children, I will be back with more drawings of busty ladies and photographs of even more busty ladies.