Dec 30, 2011

Drawing to music

STILL battling the most ultimate case of artist's block I've ever dealt with. I finished a long overdue commission yesterday after forcing myself to draw for 12 hours straight.
Sneak peek at the tshirt design I did for the band Ventana

So I've decided to do a little experiment. I have a lot of songs I've been listening to that hold some sort of significance to me. I'm going to do speed sketches to each song and see what comes up.

The first song on my list was Korn's Narcissistic Cannibal.

And here is the result of blasting it over and over and over

Other than NOT DRAWING, I've been pretty busy this last month.
My friend Ricky Tom Tom (as I so lovingly call him) of the band Mushroomhead came to town for a week to visit me! We went and looked at fishes in the aquarium, got freaked out at the Center for Puppetry Arts museum, saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (which I spent a good majority of hiding my face), and consumed whipped cream vodka like it was water.
Aaaand I went to a VNV Nation show which was mostly just an excuse to hang out with my BFFs

(L to R) Kellie! My dumb ass! Zmarr! Nicole! Ruby! Layna! Andy!

And then I dyed my hair half red BECAUSE I'M A REBEL

Dec 12, 2011


Have a warmup sketch I did. Derpaderpadoo

In this last month I have broken up with my fiance of 7 years, played a dominatrix in the Ben Stiller movie Neighborhood Watch, acted in several promotional videos for Circus Envy and the Days of the Dead convention, took a roadtrip to see a good friend's band play, and have yanked myself out of a 5 year funk. I'm pretty stoked.