Oct 14, 2011

Busy Kate

Sorry I've been MIA these last few weeks. I've been working my ass off on 13 Acres of Hell haunted house in Conyers as one of the art directors. Today is our first day open, and while I feel as though I should be excited, I'm actually pretty depressed.
See...a few months ago when they first came up with the concept, a Silent Hill room was included mostly for me. Silent Hill has been one of my favorite video game series for about 10 years now, I even have a SH tattoo:
Over the last few months all sorts of awful things happened to the haunt, including a last minute move. I've been sitting in the office slaving away on the graphics design of everything.
While I was distracted, a fellow artist at the haunt came in and took over the Silent Hill room behind my back and pushed me out of it completely, making the costumes for her, her 10 year old daughter (playing a nurse mind you), and a family friend. She had only seen the movie, didn't understand anything about the world of Silent Hill, and ignored any and all advice I had to give. Not only that, rubbing it in my face that she had stolen my room.
So I'm devastated. I had to contact everyone and let them know it was no longer my work, it wasn't going to have a true fan pouring her heart and soul into it.
So I'll probably be absent for a few more weeks until the haunt is over. Ciao.


  1. Do you eat? You're really anorexic looking.

  2. But since you are so thin, maybe you can give me tips and tricks to look like you? I've really love thinspo and you can be my inspiration to look like you. Please tell me. I have a blog here too.

  3. Oh my fucking god, I do not have an eating disorder. My genetics make it extremely difficult for me to gain weight, almost all of my family is the same way. Don't be rude.

    1. I was looking for SH tattoo examples and googled your photo, reading your post i couldn't leave without replying it, even outdated and all... IT REALLY SUCKS when someone who doesn't even know a joke about aliens in Silent Hill call him/herself a fan, and what happend to you should have pissed you off, i totally got you on that one.
      I'll be doing a Mark of Samael tattoo too... so nice tatoo and keep on the good work =)
      sry about any english mistakes, it's not my native language.