Sep 6, 2011


Hey there! I guess I should do a quick introduction before I start a-postin' away. My name is Kate, also known as etaK. I am an illustrator, a fierce bootydancer, keyboardist for the band Helltrash, and best friend to cats everywhere. I'll be updating this blog with drawings, doodles, pictures, and basically anything else I want. BECAUSE I CAN.

So to start out, have a sneak peek at the Bayonetta I'm drawing for the Toon-Up art jam. I didn't realize how many itty bitty little details went into her damn costume :o

I just spent the past weekend at Dragoncon with some amazing company. I'll make a full post on my conventure in the next few days, I'm still recovering right now.
Check out what I wore on Sunday (with Loki, the bassist of Helltrash).

The leather we are both wearing is made by the lovely Angelica Syn of Synthflesh. I cannot sing the praises of her leatherwork enough, she is self taught and everything!

Well my children, I will be back with more drawings of busty ladies and photographs of even more busty ladies.

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