Nov 29, 2011


Sorry I've been on a bit of a hiatus. My fiance of 7 years and I split up in early November and I've been going through the typical girl emotions of wallowing in sorrow and writing bad poetry. I actually attempted to draw today for the first time in weeks, have a little sample:

The funniest part of the breakup is that I've temporarily moved into my friend's house with my two cats and he has a cat of his own. The first day, the cats hissed and growled and poofed at each other. Day two, Osiris (my boy kitty) was still grumpy towards Smokey (my friend's kitty) AND his sister Kasumi (my girl kitty), Kasumi and Smokey started flirting. Day 3 they all started playing with each other, galloping around the house like crazy. By no means are they friends, but they've started terrorizing one another with flying pounces and monkey runs.

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